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ABOUT Chia Hin Building & Plumbing Construction Pte Ltd

Company Profile

CHIA HIN SANITARY CO. (SOLE PROPRIETOR) was established in 1987 as a sub-contractor in plumbing and sanitary works for construction industry. With a small set up of two office staffs and in an office perimeter of 100 square feet, CHIA HIN SANITARY CO. only able to undertake on smaller scale projects and focused solely on the supply of labour for installation works.

About US

On 19th August 1992, CHIA HIN SANITARY CO. was incorporated into CHIA HIN BUILDING & PLUMBING CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD. Since its incorporation, CHIA HIN BUILDING & PLUMBING CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD had expanded its capacity and grew in its capabilities. It has then emerged as one of the leading specialised contractor in undertaking all kind of civil, sanitary, plumbing, gas and sewerage works. With the present staff strength of 35 and close to 200 workers, CHIA HIN BUILDING & PLUMBING CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD has been engaged for a significant number of bigger projects that involve designing, supply and installation works. Enclosed herewith are the list on ongoing projects and completed projects for your reference.

CHIA HIN BUILDING & PLUMBING CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD is a Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore’s registered company in CW 02 (Civil Works), ME 12-L6 (Plumbing & Sanitary Works) and GB1 (General Builder).


We hope the above and the enclosed information are relevant and useful for your reference. We are grateful and is our utmost pleasure to be able to have the opportunity to work with your esteem organisation. We look forward for your continuous support and collaboration for future endeavours.

CHIA HIN BUILDING & PLUMBING CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD has grown from a small business in a 500 sq ft office with only five employees to our present location boasting 24,500 sq mtrs with 140 employees. Times have certainly changed and over the years we have grown iinvolving multi million dollars projects. Today, gaining reputable standing in the construction industry, been a BCA Registered Company in CW 02-C3 (Civil Work) and M12-L6 (plumbing & sanitary work) & GB1-General Builder Class 1.



To be the leading Asian Building Construction company providing total solutions in Mechanical & Electrical services for construction industry.



The first choice for developers in local and international market.
The first choice source of building & sanitary construction for major contractors.
The first choice employer for our staff and prospective employees.

Chia Hin Core values

  • Professional: We are experts on our field and offer the best professional engineering solutions to our clients. We take pride in what we do and strive for excellence.
  • Responsible: We are trusted and responsible in our dealings and act with a high level of integrity in everything we do.
  • Innovative: We are innovative in our approach and find intelligent solutions for our clients.
  • Dedicated: We are dedicated to delivering the best service and solutions to our client in every area of our business.
  • Enthusiastic: We are enthusiastic, energetic, fun-loving and resourceful people, delivering the most expedient approach to our business and personal challenges.